#Instafood #HealthyMeals #VeggieMeals#VeganMeals My version of a #BlackBeanBurger, with American cheese, carmelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes and homemade salsa, on a flour tortilla.#Yum #MyBodyIsMyTemple #YouAreWhatYouEatBlack Bean Burger

So, my cousin and I were hungry, limited on food options and desperate to figure out what we could eat. In consideration of the natural desire to eat something quick, easy and usually, unhealthy and not that tasty, I wanted to challenge myself. I tried to think of something creative, tasty and wholesome, despite the limited food options, and thus, remembered we had black beans.

I asked my cousin if he wanted a black bean burger, and he quickly replied, ‘yea.’ So, me, being a bit skeptical to his non- reserved answer, questioned him again, asking, ‘oh, so you like black bean burgers?” To which he promptly replied, “Wait, what do you mean by black bean burger? That’s a burger with black beans, right?” I began cracking up and quickly schooled him on what they really are. He of course, then declined. I was sad for him, because I knew it was going to be mad good (and it was)!

It got me thinking, though. What would make someone intentionally miss out on something that could be so amazing, if they never even tried it? I began thing about how turned off people can be to things they aren’t used to, don’t understand or never conceptualized. That can be said about so many things that are manifested in acts of hate and fear, such as homophobia, prejudice, transphobia, fatphobia and phobias of developmentally different people. The same can be said about food and what we eat.

In such, I wanted to share my black bean burger story, in hopes of inspiring people to think different about everything, including the food you eat and the reasons for it. And perhaps, even encourage just enough curiosity, for you to go find out if I am full of crap, of if you really are missing out on the wonderful world of black bean burgers #YUM!!!

Information & Recipe Of Black Bean Burger

A quick tad bit about black beans: They share characteristics with their bean family of red (Kidney) beans, white (navy) beans and pinto beans. Black beans are one of the best, if not the best food for a protein-plus-fiber collaboration. They are a popular food source in many Caribbean, Central and South American countries.

They’re also famously known for improving and maintaining a healthy digestive tract system. Or, in other words, they help you do #2, keeping your colon and digestive tract open and healthy, and even adding to the lower likelihood of colon cancer. Black bean burgers are also an amazing and filling, vegan and vegetarian meal.

Here is my rendition of a black bean burger, which is vegetarian, but not vegan because of the cheese. Remember, I was super hungry and low on food choices, so my burger was honestly lacking core components like egg (or a vegan alternative) and bread crumbs, and yet, was just as delicious.

The black beans were cooked with seasoned salt, pepper, minced garlic and chopped white onions. I drained them, and then mashed and formed a patty with the beans. I placed the burger on top romaine lettuce, tomatoes and a flour tortilla, and topped the burger with sliced american cheese, carmelized onions and homemade salsa

I encourage you all to experiment with flavors, herbs and meals that will reinforce your goal of living a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy body. If you’re as freaked out as I usually am, when I start new things, you can and are encouraged to also try out new recipes. As one of my favorite recipe sites, here’s a link to another tasty black bean burger recipe on Allrecipes.com.