For my very late and overdue #MotivationalMonday post, I’d like to share the latest article from my business newsletter at Gardner Creative Consulting. As a budding entrepreneur, I am always searching for sources of motivation and encouragement in this beast of a world.

In such, I pray that this article can be a source of inspiration and/ or motivation for anyone needing it to day. In particular, I hope for this article to find the eyes, ears and hearts of any and all struggling entrepreneurs in the world, in need of a reminder of what this is all about.

I especially dedicate this one to all of the Brown and Black independent creatives out there!! We’re on our way. We’re really on our way! Much peace, love and blessings!! A’se!

Gardner Creative Inc.

It has been a long while, since our last article in the GCC Newsletter. Without much ado, we’re back!! 

The latest and greatest in GCC news is our developments toward investment and building new clientele. Most recently, Gardner Creative Consulting applied to be one the future three residents of Google’s Entrepreneur’s Code2040 Program. Serving as an EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) at one of Google’s three designated hubs, if selected, GCC could be one of the leading members for Black/ Latino entrepreneurial advancement. Purposed as a position to empower Black & Latino entrepreneurs to propel not only their businesses, but also their communities, the EIR program is everything equivalent to the mission and purpose of GCC.

As the mission states, our goal at GCC is to truly and fully help people make their dreams a reality. The entire purpose of this business is to function as stepping stone of sorts, for…

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