Feb. 2015

February was wild! Wild with greatness, love and magic! Can I tell you how much love Black History Month showed me and EverythingShaquana?! It was amazing!

I contended that every time I posted any and everything on this website, it would serve as a marking of my contribution to Black History Month. I made a commitment that I would present my appreciation of every person, place and thing who came before me and contributed to Black History Month, alongside my own contributions. To say the least, February was most definitely a historic month for myself and EverythingShaquana.com.

It was in fact, the first official month debuting the evolving weekday themed schedule. It was hence, the busiest month ever at EverythingShaquana. Featuring 60 published posts, the most ever in our history, February was definitely a writing filled month.

So much so, that my already pinched nerve in my right wrist, gave way to some serious carpal tunnel syndrome. In case anyone noticed, there were definitely a few days that I had to forego writing, delaying some posts by a day or two, due to my ailing wrist pain.

In all, I’m sure it was easy for anyone following EverythingShaquana during February, to feel lost, overwhelmed or even smothered by all the happenings on this side. In such, I’ve been pondering the best way to wrap up the month, highlighting some great things that you may have loved, missed and/ or needed a reminder of.

Amazingly enough, I got this pretty neat idea to present a wrap up of sorts, for the month. All credit for my inspiration is due to the incredibly fun, pick me up blog called “Words Read and Written,” owned by a dope 28-year-old Aussie named, Jodie. Thanks Jodie, from myself and everyone at EverythingShaquana. S/o to you and your awesomeness!

Without much ado, here’s my February 2015 month end review.

Month End Review Meme

  • Feb. Stats:
    • Highest Views: February 2015 now holds the highest grossing views of any month ever, at EverythingShaquana.com! From garnering the highest monthly views and visitors, to hosting the best day and week, to say February was a hit, is an understatement. Check out the landmark views we garnered, below…
      • Monthly: 1,100 views; 700+ visitors
      • Best Day (2.3): 60 views
      • Best Week (2.2): 285 views
  • Milestones:
    • All Time: 5,000+ Views
    • All Time: 90+ Likes
  • Growing Following: February fortified a solid following for EverythingShaquana, with an assortment of groups and people showing us an abundance of support and love. I definitely want to shout out every single person who subscribed, followed, liked, viewed and/ or stayed constant with us last month! You’re all a major part of our success! I want to send a particularly special thank you to the following blogs for consistently showing love on my site, and spreading love on your own. Much love to you all, sistas and brothas! Peace & Blessings!
  • Feb. Professional News & Updates:
    • GCC Code2040 Program: My growing sister start-up business, Gardner Creative Consulting, made big moves in February. Gearing toward securing potential new investments, GCC applied for Google’s Code2040 EIR program.
    • Spoken Word: Open Mic
      • EssentiallyUnqiue exposed more of the spoken word faction of EverythingShaquana, performing at an open mic at Brooklyn’s own, Nicholas Brooklyn.
  • Feb. Personal Milestones/ Reflections:
    • Spiritual Growth: February solidified some major strides in my spiritual journey, fully graduating me to the freedom stage of my conscious voyage. 
    • I also got out more, heading to the following:
      • Brooklyn Museum’s 1st Saturdays
      • Nicholas Brooklyn’s Open Mic
        • 2nd Saturday Mass Mic

Thank you to each person who dedicated a small portion of their February toward sharing love, beauty and kindness with me and EverythingShaquana.com! I can’t wait to see what March brings, as Women’s History Month may call for an even bigger blow out! Stay tuned!

Peace & Blessings!