So, I’ve been a bit M.I.A the last few weeks. I’ve been TCB (taking care of business). Getting things together. You know. The basics. I’ve been working so hard to slow time down a bit. Hoping to get a lot done in as little time as possible, before life starts to really speed up around me. This time around, the process has definitely been the “easiest,” so to speak, I’ve ever encountered. Nonetheless, it’s been a lot of hard work. And I’m just getting started.

So, imagine how ‘shocked’ I was, when I looked up yesterday (4.8.15) and realized a year had already passed since the early days of the EverythingShaquana beta launch? Just like that, it’s April 2015! Already! I mean, wow!!

My mind is still somewhere between February and March, and we’re already in April! It’s pretty wild. And then again, it’s not at all. Hence, it’s time to get going. No more slowing down the train, in hopes of stalling for the late comers. It’s time to really get things rolling. Whoever is here, is here. And who isn’t, well; they aren’t. Simple.

So, I missed my April 1st deadline to present my new personal campaign of “Get It Together.” Now I’m playing catch up. Ahh! My life is so freaking crazy. If you all only knew.

Okay, so here’s the deal. This month is one of my all time favorites in ‘Blog World,’ as it’s National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). I live for perfectly crafted platforms for writing and expression. NaPoWriMo is all of that and a bag of chips!! And this year, riding off of the back of last year’s heels, is poised to be even more impactful! Most particularly because it’s going to be a complete free for all.

There are projects beyond projects, in the works on this side. In such, I have so much going on, your head might spin if I even tried to break down just half of it. Since as much of what I’m working on completing, is spiritual, as is physical, I am consistently and consciously living in a dual existence during every step of the way.

I am forever living each day, from the moment of wake, to the moment of rest, in the understanding of all that has been and all that has yet to become. That’s a lot of stuff, if you could imagine. Not leaving much time for what can often become mundane “worldly” routines.  

So, in plain English, I am going to write a poem each day this month. At least one. Sometimes more. Depends on the day. I am going to recommit to sharing the most inner levels of my journey with you all. During this month, it will most particularly be in the form of poetry. My very first love. My deepest and most sacred treasure. And my simultaneously, easiest tool.

I could imagine that many of you beautiful supporters and perhaps even, fans (I giggle at the thought of that ;-)), are waiting quite impatiently right now, for what I have in the works. You can all feel the rising anticipation. Your rough days thrive on the hope of what else I could come up with in my bag of tricks, for healing those in need of healing.

And you’re right for waiting. You’re powerful because of your patience. Because only God knows just how worth the wait this all will be.

Anywho, I’ll quit with the riddles. Haha! Thank you all for entertaining my endless games of word charades. It’s perhaps the most humbling thing I find in all of this. That people dare to read my words. Despite all. It’s quite powerful beyond measure, when I really think about it.

In any regard, I look forward to bringing the funk you’ve all been waiting for. I also pray you appreciate the “elevator music” provided (i.e. my poems), while you wait a little while longer. I hope you enjoy!! A’se!