There are a world of things weighing on my heart. Heavily. Hence, the 2nd Annual NaPoWriMo will serve most directly, as a source of release for those heavy emotions and thoughts.

Today’s NaPoWriMo 9th poem of the day, is dedicated to the forgotten. I think of them every single day. I dream of them every single night. I live for them. I breath with them. I inhale their memories and exhale their truths. I am one with the forgotten. I am the forgotten. 

I aim so badly to release the pain, hurt and scars of the forgotten. So as to pave a road toward releasing the love, beauty and honor of the forgotten. I am committed to freeing them. To freeing me. To freeing us.

Only God knows where the “perfect” place to start for such a mission, truly is. I only know what I can do today. Now. In this moment. 

In honor of Throwback Thursday, let us remember those we’ve once known, we still remember and forever love. For those whose names sing a song in our heart every single day. A song so loud, we can never dare to ignore it. Though, so soft, no one else care hear it.

So, here is a poem. Or more like a song. A singy, song. A song, song. Singing the anthem of the forgotten. Enjoy!!

NaPoWriMo Day 9:  A Song for the Forgotten

Tap tap

Tip top

Tap top

Tip tap

Tip tip

Tap tap

That’s the sound of the latch

On the clasp of the trap

The trap trap

Bling bing

Cling cling

Ding ding

Bing ding

Cling bling




That’s the sound of the keys

Clashing against what frees


From the trap

The trap trap

The music plays on forever

Like the wind against a feather

Like a song in the heart of together

Tapping on, through all weather

Sweeter than a blue jay

Soother than Billie ‘Day

The beat beats on

The rhythmic rhymes long

For the forgotten

The lost and unfound

Who got no song

We play for them

Day and night

Dance for them

With all our might

Write for them

Into the light

Sing for them

In every fight

A song,

For the Forgotten