Happy Saturday folks! Today is Spiritual Saturday and it is quite an amazing Saturday, indeed! I’m much in my feelings today, so I don’t have a lot to say. I am beyond blessed and filled with the grace, love and wonder of God. I truly pray that all that is within me can be passed onto you all, wherever you are right now. I pray the love you seek on this day, the hope you clinch and the joy you dream of, may find you and bring you alive.

Much love to you all today and always! Smile, beautiful people! You’re still breathing. And there’s still time to figure out the reason why. There’s still time and possibility for better, for more, for anything. You still have a chance. Think about it. YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE. You! Ponder on that today. And smile! Smile! =D! Because you’re beautiful. Because I love you. Because you’re made it through another storm. Smile because you can. Much love folks! Today and always! A’se!

Now, without much ado, here’s my daily poem for NaPoWriMo. Don’t forget, you all are invited to JOIN in the fun of poetry over herr, at EverythingShaquana! Whether you’ve tried it before or not, I’m telling you, poetry is the cure to all pain. If you’re going through it today, write a poem. At least give it a shot. Do it for you. Share it with you. Heal you.

Perhaps, if you’re really feeling brave, you can even share it with me. Remember, I’m still here. I’m the homie you tell yourself you don’t deserve. The crazy lady, loving you even though we have yet to meet. Thinking of you all, even though you don’t even know me. I’m still waiting to start the conversation. Waiting to be a shoulder to lean on. An ear to listen to you. A heart to love and get loved from. Ponder on that too. Whilst you read my latest poem, Stay. Enjoy!


Life is either, or

Big or small

Tall or short

Right or wrong

Left or right

Stay or go

You run or you stand still

You speak or you remain quiet

You live or you die

No in betweens

No both, neither and all

No yes and no

No high and low

It’s either


Stay or go

So please,