I have something called life, going on inside of me. Quite literally, as figuratively! We are upon the spiritual eve of my great reveal and I am filled with an abundance of excitement and joy. I am beside myself with anticipation. It almost pains me to continue to wait any longer. If it were not only for my beautiful consciousness of the true virtue of patience. 

Since then, it is still not time yet, I will continue to bless you all with previews and teasers, so to speak, of what’s to come. Please, keep your prayers, blessed thoughts and rays of white light coming my way! I truly appreciate it all, more than words can translate. I mean, I’ll probably never get to truly express my gratitude to you all for the love you’ve shown me. Nonetheless, that won’t keep me from trying my darndest! 

May I only be just half of the blessing to you all, that you have truly been to me! In part with that, let’s continue our celebration of this year’s National Poetry Writing Month celebration, with another dose of juicy, finger licking good poetry! Enjoy! 

Today’s poem, for the 12th day of NaPoWriMo, honors my latest and greatest creation in the works! May God bring this to one life, so as it may be the light that brings all else to life! A’se!! 


Life is born in the deep crevices of hope

Hope is born from the cracked remains of death

Death is born into the tiniest bodies of life

And so the magic goes

The evidence

The testament

The clear proof

The truth of God

Is wrapped into the secret of the magic


Is what she’s called

The essence of life

The foundation of truth

The evidence of all that is


Is her name