In case you all forgot, it is still National Poetry Writing Month! Hence, my month-long celebration here at EverythingShaquana, of all things poetry =)! Today’s poem comes more than a bit late in the evening, as it took me all day to unravel the words and emotions needed to get this one down on-screen.

If you’re new to my blog, you may not know how twisted of life I once had/ working hard to stop having. Those who’ve been down with the dipset, so to speak, for more than a little while, are likely overwhelmed at times, by the pain I write into life on this here blog.

The theme I continually attempt to convey, in spite of all truths I am blessed to share on this platform, is the theme of love. Love embraces truth, along with all its ugliest corners. Love makes rooms for growth and redemption, in honor of the truth it internalizes. No matter what I’ve been through, I still love. Do you understand that?!

Bad or good, ugly or pretty, low or high, I STILL LOVE! I love everyone and everything. I truly, truly do. I pray every time any and everyone ever reads my words, that’s the main thing they read: my love! ‘Cause it’s genuine y’all! It’s real. It’s deep. And it’s likely more than you’ll ever know possible. 

Today’s NaPoWriMo poem honors my greatest secret to loving the way I do. Pssstttt… don’t tell anyone, okay ;-)? It’s called forgiveness. The biggest secret is that, it’s in you too! I told y’all that this year’s celebration of NaPoWriMo is all about healing. Using and fortifying poetry as a tool for healing. 

On this coinciding #MotivationalMonday, my motivation for the world is to heal through forgiveness. And perhaps, even use poetry to do it! 

In step with that, I did some major forgiving today! Made some strides I was sure I wouldn’t be ready to make for a while longer. I’m much further ahead than I thought, after all. I’m not behind the game. I’m ahead. Just because I forgave. That’s power right there.

So, happy #MotivationalMonday y’all!! Happy 13th day of NaPoWriMo y’all! Most importantly, Happy Healing & Forgiveness y’all! Enjoy my latest poetry of art, ‘Forgiveness.’ A’se!


Ever been burned so badly that the wounds don’t heal

Hurt so sadly, your feelings won’t feel

Ever been hit by a train, exploded and died

Only to be bound, buried, tortured and tried

Pain hits us sometimes

So hard, it knocks us to our knees

Lies break us sometimes

So much, giving up becomes the best tease

That’s life, I’ve learned

But only a fraction of it

The fraction we force into our otherwise peaceful existence

Life is love, laughter and beauty

Greater than the pain we invite

Wiser than the lies we survive

Even sweeter than the grass on the other side

Life is forgiveness

Forgiveness is resiliency

Resiliency is survival

The instinct to bounce back, every single time

I choose to live

I choose to forgive

I choose resiliency

I choose to bounce back

Forgiveness to those who have burned, hurt and hit me

Forgiveness to myself for my bruises, welts and scars

Forgiveness to God for being a teacher, when I needed a Father

Forgiveness to all in need of healing and love


Yea, that’s it