I can’t stand to lag behind. It bothers me so much. That’s why I’m playing catch up on NaPoWriMo. Because I made a commitment and I intend to uphold it. Even if in the most imperfect of ways.

I can honestly say that I actually have been writing poetry every day or so, for the most part. I just haven’t been posting it because, as I said earlier in the month, this month is a free for all. In every way possible. My life is everywhere in all of the best ways. Unfortunately, something has to catch the slack for my free for all month. That something happens to be the beautiful EverythingShaquana.com

I appreciate everyone showing love and holding me down regardless of my varying posting quality these days. Y’all are the true MVP’s and that’s a fact! So much love to you all for always sticking with the kid, even when you have no idea where I’m headed. 

Moving right along, here is my catch up.  This poem, ‘Different Strokes‘ was originally written on the 14th day of NaPoWriMo, though it’s actually being posted on the 19th day of NaPoWriMo. Nonetheless, for archive purposes, we’ll list in under 4.14.15. In any regard, I’ll let this one speak for itself. I hope you enjoy!!

Different Strokes

Floating on high

Riding on low

Streaming through the sky

Gliding through the flow

Stroking the monkeys back

Soaking in where others slack

Sippin’ tea and eating biscuits

Peering at those who missed this

Different strokes

For different folks

I suppose