Often times, my poetry is very much inspired by music. I love music with all my little, big heart! I’ve said too many times before that music and poetry, hand in hand, have saved my life! There are too many songs to list, that I’ve used to find the courage, understanding or simple peace of mind to keep going on days when I had no idea which way I was headed.

Today’s poem, for the 18th day of NaPoWriMo was inspired by the song, Only Time, by Enya. For those of you who loved what I consider to be the soulful pop/ indie rock of the late 90’s, early 2000’s, Enya may have been a favorite of yours! Her soulful pop sound is beyond soothing to the chaotic psyche!

Her song, Only Time, was one of those songs that I loved long before I understood. As I grow older, I tend to make a distinct and perpetual point to revisit the music, movies, books and so forth of my childhood. I love reconnecting to who I once was, as it fortifies my being of who I now am. If that makes any sense ;-).

Anywho, you should def listen to the song, when you get the chance. Particularly, if you’re an eclectic lover of all things music. I believe it could be just the sound you need today. Especially in light of the crazy world we all live in these days. It can often be difficult for me to believe that things will be better in due time, in midst of such ugly chaos.

That’s why I fell in so much love with a phrase/ hashtag that Ray J shouted out on TMZ. He said, #TTT! Things Take Time. I repeat, things take time. That’s deep. Real deep. The more mature and in tune with growth and evolution of self you are, the more those three simple words will reverberate through you.

Things take time. Only time can tell. In due time. God willing. Inshallah. All the same meaning. Just a different order of words. This poem, ‘Only Time,’ speaks to the brilliance of Ray J’s hashtag simplicity and the everlasting truth of Enya’s musical genius. Enjoy!!

Only Time

Never ending

Lightening speed

Everlasting results

Impenetrable dimensions

Ever going

Never ending

And, so on

Only Time