I am alive and well today. God woke me up with breath, life and love today! I repeat I am alive and well today! 

Every single morning I greet, with breath still in my lungs and fight still in my limbs, I praise God! As I’ve struggled in the past year, against all types of forces of evil and wickedness, the power of awakening in the morning has been revealed to me. There were too many nights in the past year, that I strongly feared and questioned my strength, ability and will to be able to live to the next day.

The more people and things I encountered that appeared to want me dead and gone, the more strength I put into my ability to live until the next day. The more I appreciated and praised God for His loving will, to awaken me in the morning. For those who ever faced death or suicide, but live on today regardless, you may understand the value of awakening in the morning.

My mother always says, ‘Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.’ It always sounded good, but I never understood the power of that phrase. Until I experienced my heart stop in a hospital emergency room, last summer. When I awoke, to greet the sun and bliss of a new day, I fully and profoundly understood the power of awakening in the morning. Hence, the truth of everyday being a day made by the Lord, for us to rejoice in.

My comprehension of what it means to be ALIVE, shifted in every sense of the word. Since then, every morning that has greeted me, has been met with a beautiful greeting from me. No matter how bad my days get, and they do get bad, I always remember the value of being alive. I remind myself that as long as I can make it through the day, to greet the morning kiss, I am doing better than many. We all often hear the phrase, ‘a lot of people didn’t wake up this morning.’ Because they didn’t. But how often do we bask in the truth of that?

For those who’ve suffered the loss of a loved one at some point in your life, the value of waking up in the morning has great impact. As it does, for those who have questioned whether they would ever see another morning. As long as I am kicking and breathing, I am doing so much more than many who have come before me. I still have a chance to live. A chance to breathe. A chance to be better. Wiser. Kinder. Sweeter. I have a chance. A chance that many won’t ever get again. Hence, my greatest accomplishment of today is that I AM ALIVE AND WELL! 

In celebration of the 21st day of NaPoWriMo, I dedicate today’s poem towards anyone who has woken up today. God bless all of those who God brought home before the morning break and all those who won’t make it to tomorrow. Rejoice while you can. Give your own self roses, while you can smell them. Your are alive. My God, that is the greatest accomplishment one could have.

Here is my latest poem, ‘In The Morning.’ Enjoy! While you’re at it, you should also JOIN. Write your own poetry mantra, celebrating the life in your body and the breath in your lungs. Who knows how many days we have left to do so? And if you really find yourself in the fever of celebrating everything poetry, drop me a line. I’d love to celebrate with you! A’se!

In The Morning

I awaken in the morning





My old flesh fallen away

My old self rotted in decay

I awaken in the morning

Prepared for a new day




A new me, here to stay

I awaken in the morning

Alive and well

That’s right

I awaken in the morning

Alive and well