The illusion of the physical is the sole foundation of all ill-doing in this world. The reason for hate. The reason for abuse. The reason for dehumanization and worldwide detriment. The ability for one to “other” another person, is the easiest and most profound culprit, responsible for fueling the wickedness and hate in this world. You see another person, and before you see what you share in common with them, you search out what makes you different from them. That person is tall, you are short. That person is White, you are Black. That person is a man, you are a woman. That person is ugly, you are pretty. And so, forth.

We “other” people, by separating ourselves from them. We separate ourselves from them by contrasting, our similarities from their differences. We look for what makes us different from other people, as a means for unconscious separation. When a cop abuses a civilian, they’ve “othered” that person. They don’t see a person. They don’t see what makes them similar to that person. They see an “other.” They see what makes them different. That difference, that cause for separation, is just enough to make dehumanizing the person, that much easier.

Once the person become less of a person, it becomes tremendously easier to commit inhumane acts against that person. There are millions of examples of this, literally. From animal brutality, to domestic abuse, to discrimination, to racism, to murder. Criminal profilers often point out, that the most powerful force for murderers and others who commit heinous acts against humans and other living things, is their need for “victim objectification.” That literally means that, they make the person or thing they’re attacking and bringing harm to, an object. A woman who is raped, isn’t a woman, but an object to the rapist. An “other.”

That is the power of duality. The power of polarizing the world. There is only Black and White. Men and Women. Strong and weak. Rich and poor. Smart and dumb. Republican and democrat. Educated and uneducated. Human and non human (albeit plants, “animals,” etc.). Life and death. No middle ground. No gray areas. Once we create, or rather acknowledge the very real reality that, life is all about the gray area. That the black and white is just an illusion, the power of duality and inhumanity immediately subsides.

In real life, we know that although we’re humans, there are other living things all around us that are not human, and yet, have just as much value as humans. Like plants and even, the earth itself. Without them, we cease to exist. Literally. The same is for “animals.” By scientific definition, humans are in fact, animals. Yet, we “other” every other animal species, by calling them “animals” and ourselves, humans. As if, we’re not animals ourselves. Hence, it becomes so much easier to take an “animal’s” life for food, fun or even sport. It becomes much easier to objectify them as something for entertainment, as opposed to being as important of a blessing from God, as human beings.

In regards to spirituality, this is paramount to understanding what it means to “live in spirit” and “not in the flesh.” This is paramount to understanding the illusion of the physical. The illusion of the idea that “you only live once,” aka YOLO. My body, is a physical shell that has no real value, other than what my spirit feeds into it. I am what the world calls a woman. Or rather, a “female,” simply because I was born with a vagina and “female” hormones. But what does that mean to my life of spirituality?

“If we can get past what the flesh tells us is so, inherently giving back what the world says is “fact”, we give power to what spirit deems as truth.”

When I leave this earth, my body will fall away, and the only thing that will matter and survive beyond this life, will be my spirit. Like a turtle, who can leave its shell, to find another. My physical body is just a shell. Like a house that I can move out of, and another I can move into. My physical is just a shell. I am no less a man, than a person born with a penis, just because the WORLD says so. What does God say to me? And who would know what God says to me, other than me? Which gets into the realism of spirituality and mental health, but that’s another story for another day.

The point is, my energy is what defines me, as my energy is grounded in spirit and not the flesh. My energy is masculine. Which is why I love sports, live for grisly action packed movies, other “manly” things and can debate any of the most powerful men, to their smallest person. What scares people is that this mountain of a person, comes in the form of a small woman figure. Again, it is a reminder that God chose the weak to shame the strong. And so forth.

Scientifically, this gray area can most profoundly be seen with people who are intersex. Those who are intersex, are “scientifically proven” to have a variation of the “tools” we use to define people as, “female” and “male.” “Males” have male chromosomes, male hormones, male external anatomy (penis) and male internal anatomy (gonads, sperm, etc.). The same is for “females”. When we get to intersex, this goes haywire.

An intersex person can have male chromosomes and male external anatomy but have female hormones and female internal anatomy (uterus etc.). Moreover, it is projected that as much as 1 in 1,500 people are intersex, and most just never find out. It’s deep. Very deep. The scariest fact is that so few people know about the existence of intersex. Moreover, many people associate what is really intersex, as the fictional essence of a hermaphrodite. Something which is, physiologically impossible for humans, no matter how many photo-shopped pictures or fictional stories suggests otherwise.

Now, tying this back into the significance of spirit, the illusion of the flesh and the power of unconditional Christ like love. It’s all simple. If we can get past what the flesh tells us is so, inherently giving back what the world says is “fact”, we give power to what spirit deems as truth. We then, inherently find power in living in spirit, not the flesh. When we live in spirit, we operate on the foundation of Christ like love.

If we are not so caught up in what people look like, or how people identify themselves, we find a much easier time at loving them for them. When we do away with judging people for what they are not. When we do away with judging people for how different or separate they are, from who we believe ourselves to be. We allow ourselves to fall in love with their spirit. Whether they be a murderer or a priest. Whether they be gay or straight. Whether they be Black or White. We go, in all essence of the sentiment, beyond skin deep.

“People spend so much time judging others and critiquing others, so as to buy time from focusing on themselves.”

Moreover, once we relieve ourselves of the physical and flesh like grounding for living by the world, and not by God, we can love each other as God and Christ Himself, would love us. For our spirit. We can find much more peace with forgiving one another for our transgressions against the world. For forgiving ourselves.

If we do away with our need to separate ourselves, we give power back to God and take it from the wicked one. We give power back to ourselves, and take it from the world that rules us. We won’t hate anymore. Or judge. Or persecute. Because no matter who we’re looking at, we will see ourselves in them. As opposed to, seeing the wicked one in who we perceive them to be. Most importantly, it will free us from focusing on what other people are and are not, and instead, focus on who we are and are not.

People spend so much time judging others and critiquing others, so as to buy time from focusing on themselves. Once a person goes deep within oneself, the most profound realization they will find is absolute. They will find that the work needed to be done, to become the spiritual being we are ordained to be, is a full-time job. Especially in a world so against our doing so. Like the saying goes, “the devil is busy.” He is always working to keep us from God’s love and blessings, so we must always be working to get closer to it. If we’re focused on others’ do’s and don’ts, we can’t possibly be focused on our own do’s and don’ts. Moreover, we’re taking God’s job away from Him. Which is a huge sin, if you buy into those.

God makes it clear, particularly in the three most popular spiritual doctrines known to man (that being the Bible, the Qu’ran, and the Torah), that it’s His job to judge and no one else’s. Moreover, He doesn’t take kindly to people working to do His job. There is also that famous scripture in the Bible (in Philippians), where the Bible says something along the lines of “be vigilant, for your adversary the devil is prowling about, like a lion seeking to devour his prey.” This is most profoundly what He means by that. Be vigilant in one’s efforts to focus on one’s own spiritual righteousness, so as not to open oneself up to the wicked one. If we’re focused on anyone other than our own self, we’re wide open for the wicked one. And that’s a fact.

When it gets to trans people. This is another level deeper. Like the saying goes, there’s levels to this. Trans people are the quintessential emblem of God’s purpose to use the foolish, to shame the wise. They’re born in a body, that is opposite of their spiritual energy. Albeit, a feminine energy born into a “male” body or a masculine energy born into a “female” body. The key goes back to the illusion of the physical. The Bible speaks of men and women. However, it does not mention penises or vaginas. There is no mention of “male” and “female.” Those are worldly terms and illusions.

The key about physical illusions, is that Christ Himself shames them. The Bible blatantly speaks of not observing idols. In that, it includes the fact that God does not want people creating “pictures” of Christ, as He was a spiritual being, in a physical shell. It is more important to focus on His spirit, not His physical. Moreover, since none of us saw Him, our remake of what He must have looked like, would only play more into our worldly physical illusions, as opposed to His spirit. Yet, there all types of pictures of Christ everywhere. There is even this long going debate about whether Christ was Black or White. Which is so shameful to Christ and His memory.

“I am a person. And I subscribe most particularly, to the person community. To the human community. Because no one can argue that I am not human enough.”

In addition, if you actually go back and read that section of the Bible, describing Christ’s “appearance”, it does not describe His hair like wool, or His skin like bronze. John does not mention the words “skin” or “hair”, in correlation to a physical human description. But instead,  uses the words bronze and wool, as to describe a physical occurrence of spiritual image. Similar to Moses and his experience with the burning bush. We humans, living in the world, just add in whatever makes us feel better. Particularly, being guided by the guise of the wicked one’s illusory ideals.

All this leads to my personal coming out story. I am absolutely a man. In every sense of the world. I am completely built and thrive on masculine energy. It is a learning curve for me, to understand and live by feminine energy. Nonetheless, I like the challenge. I also feel confident that we as spiritual beings, choose our bodies and forms when we come into the world. God didn’t force me into a woman’s body, so much as, I chose it myself. It is the pressures of the world that makes us convince ourselves otherwise, helping us to project our worldly insecurities and confusions, onto our physical shells.

Thus, I’ve often found that people who identify as gender nonconforming and/ or transgender, can be far more spiritually grounded than others who don’t. As I would argue, they need to be, in order to survive the confusion of their internal dilemma. Unfortunately, those who are the least spiritual, and thus, own their individuality the least, often find suicide and addiction as ways out. However, this gets even more complicated when we consider the significance of labeling.

By creating a “trans” and “cis” community, we’re only reinforcing the polarized duality that runs the world. Thus, releasing ourselves of any power we sought to gain, by living outside the physical box of the flesh. Moreover, the idea of “cis” people, was inherently created by the “trans” community. Which, is not only backwards, but clearly subscribes to same idea of having “outside” groups label those they don’t identify with, that the trans community is in theory, supposed to be fighting against.

Personally, I do not subscribe to the label of cis-gender. I don’t believe that I identify with the “female” label assigned to me at birth. I am also not transgender, in such that I don’t feel like my spirit doesn’t match my physical body. I am not gender non-conforming or bi-gender, because that’s just too confusing for me. I am just a person. And I don’t feel the need to appease to the trans community, to show I am trans enough. Or the LBGTQ community, to prove that I am LBGTQ enough. Or the queer community, to prove that I am queer enough. I am a person. And I subscribe most particularly, to the person community. To the human community. Because no one can argue that I am not human enough.

Then, there is the whole object of making the trans fight for justice, a fight for “civil rights” vs. “humans rights“, which is something I’ll discuss much deeper, in another post. But consider, that the very essence of what makes us human, can only be accepted in real life by politically labeling it as a “civil right” (something given to us by the government or society), as opposed to it being a “human right” (something given to us, simply by being born human).

“By doing away with the physical illusions prescribed by the ways of the world, we become one with Spirit and give all power back to God.”

By saying I am just a person, who loves people, I break down that mold, with simple ease. Which btw, I am so not the first, nor will I be the last to do. I’m just making a deeper statement about what the power of doing away with labels, exemplifies for the spiritual existence of man. I like to think that I am continuing the forgotten work of my spiritual mentor, Marsha P. Johnson. A person who called herself a woman, who also called herself a man. A person who called herself a drag queen, who also called herself transgender. A person, who called and lived her life, most passionately, as a human being

I choose to subscribe to certain social constructs. Like being Black, being a woman and being poor. I choose to do that, with grave understanding of the actual truth that these are in fact, social constructs. They were constructed by society, as we know it. In such, they can be deconstructed by society, at any point. Do I become less of a person, or being, if that happens? No. But, will I feel like less of a person or being, if that happened? That depends. If my identity is grounded in social constructs, I am only existent upon what society constructs or deconstructs me to be. In such, as society shifts, who I am would shift with it. Which is dangerous for too many reasons to name right now.

It all comes down to the illusion of the physical. By doing away with the physical illusions prescribed by the ways of the world, we become one with Spirit and give all power back to God. We become One, as God ordained. We usher ourselves back to the basis of the metaphorical existence of the garden of Eden. Of living without clothes or worldly projections. I’ll end there, as I’m sure I already broke the internet with what I’ve just written. Let this all sit awhile. Perhaps, it will dawn on you, just how true the words I’ve type, most profoundly are. A’se!