PSA: I say and share this message with the most Godly of love, I have power to possess in this moment. I am going into ‘Shaquana Zone’ for the next 3 months. Typically, that would’ve meant shutting people out and going into what I like to call, ‘solo dolo’ mode (s/o to Cudi for my use of the inspirational phrases here).

Because I have grown and matured in the most of spiritual ways, I know better than to close myself out to the world now. So, instead, I will remain open. Only on a limited basis.

The tasks ahead for me are simple yet, large: 1. Fulfilling a long-term method for feeding myself and my child-to-be. 2. Fulfilling my need for healthcare, a birthing plan and a doula/ midwife. 3. Fulfilling a plan and feasible way for obtaining a safe and secure place to live for my child-to-be, before she gets here. And 4. Building, propelling and fortifying my business and goals, so as to help secure the first 3 tasks.

If you are an individual committed toward wholeheartedly supporting me, and helping me, in obtaining and securing such tasks, you are more than welcome into my very small circle right now. If not, I’d hope it goes without saying, why there’s just no room for you right now.

In any regard, as usual, it’s all love people’s. I’ll catch most and/ or all of you on the flip side. I’ll holla in 3 months, and we’ll catch up then. Until then, I pray for you all to have the most blessed of health, spirits and peace. A’se!

Much love,
Shaquana & Bayyina <3!!