The wait is over!! #FlashbackFriday #FlashbackPoetry is back for it’s new monthly installment on, featured every 1st Friday of the month. 

Today’s featured poem, was actually written during my junior year of high school, for a Health Class assignment. I had to write something, or actually, I believe I was assigned to do a presentation in front of the class, based on some pre- designated health topic.

Since I first began writing poetry, in the 5th grade, my way of ‘getting out’ of school assignments that didn’t peak my interest, was always to write a poem. I found out early that, teachers typically, not only favored poetry, but also viewed poets, as some sort of ‘esteemed writer.’ So, what came naturally to me, became an ‘easy way out’ for all writing assignments.

Anywho, here is ‘The Cigarette’ Poem. It’s an introspective and even, spiritual perception of the damages cigarette smoke causes to one’s body, and one’s life. 

‘The Cigarette’ Poem

Visions of my life pass me by

As I continue to converse with my saddened sky

She told me that she spoke with the moon and he said my future would be ended soon

I asked why because I misunderstood

I was the fittest person alive, my health was definitely good

She looked at me and a tear fell from her eye

She said, “You think I don’t see what you do under the sky?”

What was she talking about, what did she see?

She couldn’t have seen what I think she saw, that just couldn’t be

She questioned, “You think I don’t know what you do in the middle of the night? I am the sky, everything is in my sight!”

She continued to explain that she saw me when I would smoke my “Cancer sticks”

She asked me why didn’t i see that I would die because it was so easy to predict

I told her that I didn’t want to die

I didn’t want my life to end

She said it was too late, why couldn’t I comprehend?

I sat and cried as the rain fell from my sky

She said every tear that fell was in exchange for every lie

I didn’t want to lie but I was just so stressed

She said I should’ve sought another escape, I should’ve known what was best

I realized that the rain was getting harder as it fell from her eyes

I asked, “Why are you crying so hard, my beautiful sky?”

She looked at me surprise and angrily said, “Don’t you see that if you are dying, then I am dead!

Obviously, your smoking would affect more than you, haven’t you noticed my grey skies are no longer blue?”

I didn’t know that my smoking would kill me or my beautiful sky

She looked at me with a sad smile and said goodbye

It was that I woke from my bad dream and prayed

Please God tell, that my destiny isn’t made

I looked around and saw it really was too late

I saw I was in a hospital bed and knew I had chosen my fate

I closed my eyes and again began to pray, please Lord, at least let my sky be okay

I called the doctor over and asked him was little Emily fine,

He gave me that pity face and said, sorry sir, your daughter has run out of time

I had chosen to smoke and therefore, chosen my destiny

But I would’ve never done it if I had known about Emily

Learn from my mistakes and chose to live not to die

Because cigarettes may not only kill you but also your sky