Last week, my family and I laid my dear Aunt Edith to rest. We celebrated her homecoming, paid homage to the beauty of her sacrificial life and gracefully said see you later, as she marched on into God’s pearly white gates. It’s been a whirlwind, since then.

Though, it’s only been five days since her homecoming, and eleven days since her passing, it feels like a year has passed in the last two weeks of my life. I feel so far from the woman I was, two weeks ago, and yet, no closer to the woman I suppose I am growing into right now. To say the least, I’ve been heavy in my feelings, Drake sh*t. 

So yea, as I am working all of my feelings, love, appreciation and unmentionables out, I’d like to dedicate this Women Crush Wednesday to the strongest woman, I’ve ever been blessed to know, the beautiful late, Edith Jones. In doing so, I’d like to share a tribute poem I wrote in her honor, with you all.

I pray, if only a little bit, my words can demonstrate some level of the strong pillar of God, this woman truly was for any and everyone blessed to meet her. A’se!

An Ode to Queen Edith

In the midst of the most powerful storm,

Lies the seed of the most translucent rainbow

Buried within the deepest dirt,

Lies the most moist soil

And hidden within the most silent sound

Lies the most ferocious roar

Only a true Queen honors

The hardest depth of the softest truth

She knows the elegance of poise

Whilst facing the starkest perpetrators

She breathes the essence of life

Whilst battling the lessons of death

She exhales the beauty of longevity

Whilst gracing the threat of time

Only a true Queen honors

The edges of the flesh covering the curves of the spirit

She comprehends the power of her spiritual

Whilst expanding the limitations of her physical

She delivers the purest of Love

Whilst embattled in the darkness of hate

She gives the gift of timeless everlasting

Whilst overcoming the curse of unappreciation

Only a true Queen honors

The Empress Edith Jones

An ancestor in the legacy of Black warrior woman

A founder in the art of sacrifice

A Sojourner in the arch of womanhood

A lamb in the flock of the righteous

A servant for the price of freedom

It is said what was meant for evil, God used for good

In the land of wicked and debauchery

Was birthed a queen of peace and tranquility

Purposed to mother the daughters and sons of tomorrow

Burdened with the reality of what is

Praised for the perpetuity of what can be

From the scraps of broken pieces

Borrowed dreamers

Buried secrets

Sorrowed screamers

A Queen was born

This is her ode

An ode to Queen Edith