To all of my followers, viewers and the like, please join me in sending the most powerful of prayers to God, for my sister in Christ, Paulette!! She, like I have, is suffering from an abundance of wickedness, including homelessness and food insecurity! Her heart is true and pure, as gold. Her love for God, even purer! We all know what it’s like to face hardships, no matter how big or small. We also know how isolated and alone we can feel during those times. PLEASE help her feel supported by God’s love and faith, if only through Spirit and the web. Send her the much needed love, support and understanding she deserves! God bless you sister, Paulette! And God bless all of you who are open to God’s will, to share in her struggle and pain, as He would in yours! Amen! And A’se!

Da UGLY Ducklin

This Ministry is POWERFUL and the devil is so fearful that he really caused me to sleep on the streets last night, and I’m still going forward with and for Christ!!!

Because he did that, God is simply going to give me something better, and it’ll be mine!

I’m human, and it’s hurting me; so the tears are natural… It in Nooooooo way states that I don’t believe God will come through for me. I know He’s setting everything in order right now.

Moreover, I’m thankful I still have my job and transportation… Eating is a little rough, but that too will change.

When I was just a babe in Christ, a renowned preacher by the name of Juanita Bynum gave her testimony about getting close to God and doing His will and having the adversary take her through brutal changes time after time. But, she held fast to Christ…

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