So, I’ll keep this short and sweet today. It’s #MotivationalMonday, here at EverythingShaquana and I’d like to keep the motivation going. Though, I’m struggling emotionally and mentally right now, I am still poised to remain in the light. In such, I’d like to add some air of motivation, to what has been two months of sad ass posts (in my book).

Anywho, today’s motivation is not exactly peaches and cream, but it’s real shit. So, yesterday, I had to put a post on Facebook, speaking to what I’d learned from this past weekend. One of the main tools I’ve been using to get through my days, is speaking truth, most especially to myself. It keeps my light shining, the devils at bay and me feeling empowered enough to overcome the world, as I experience it. 

It can be extremely hard to go through something as traumatic as what I’m going through, while coming in contact with so people, who truly are not committed or interested in my well-being. I mean, who the hell works to manipulate or sabotage, a person who has just lost her child? A wicked person, that’s who. With that being said, I gotta stay above the influence, no matter how wicked the folks around me are.

I’m still on my way to the other side, and I gotta keep focused, not losing sight of the destination awaiting me. I will meet the angels I need to help me get there, as need be. When I arrive, a beautiful party of God sent people, will be awaiting me. In the mean time, I am more grateful than ever, to truly take comfort in my blessing to be alone and purely, unapologetically with self.

So, as I typically do with what I consider to be powerful Facebook statuses, I want to share what I wrote with you all (unedited). Take it as you may. Wishing you all, the most motivational of Mondays!! A’se!

So, this weekend has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me and having made almost all the way through, I thought what better way to solidify my lessons from the Universe, than to share them via a Facebook status.

Here’s 10 things I learned/ will take away from this weekend:

1. The power of truly taking everything, one step and one day, at a time.

2. The significance of owning one’s power, in the face of the enemy, by simply speaking truth and honesty.

3. I am still lying to myself about a lot of things/ living in truth is a full time, 24/7, 365 days/ yr job.

4. People will try to make you forget your pain/ suffering by forcing you to take on theirs. Check them REAL QUICK, before they do.

5. Love is love baby! If you give all the love you can, in the best way you know how to, in that moment, you will truly only walk away from anything, feeling like you gained. In such that, building memories and lessons is always more powerful, than “losing” time, people, and things.

6. Hate can not drive out hate. Only love can do that. Darkness can not drive out darkness. Only light can do that.

7. I am a warrior! That means, I am poised to face many, many battles in my lifetime. More importantly, I am poised to conquer and defeat them. Not the other way around.

8. Being around people who only feel comfortable if they can dim my light, IS NOT what I need in my life right now, tomorrow or ever again!

9. Being alone, is one of the greatest gifts God ever blessed humans with. Being comfortable with being alone, is my willingness to accept such a gift.

10. ‪#‎TTT‬ Things take time. When the time is right (per the Universe’s schedule), the RIGHT people, places and things will arrive for me. For now, I’mma bask in the beauty of Me, Myself and I! A’se!