Today, I am 26 years young!!! I am filled with soooooo much joy and peace, today, I can’t even describe it. I mean I’ve been through soooo many highs and lows, in the past year (too many of them being lows), that I can’t fathom how God has found this joy into my heart today!

Three weeks ago, I was ready to give up on everything, having lost the most profound love of my life. And here I am today, with the truest and most profound of JOY in my heart, mind and soul!!

Can you believe that, world? The Glory of God is too real, to fake the funk! You may not honor or believe in His Glory, but you must believe in mine, cuz I’m living breathing proof that life goes on! That there is more to life, than surviving. That we, as children of the Universe, were made to thrive as Kings and Queens, in our own right!

I had no plans for today, as I’m broke, alone and going through some shit, right now. Ya know? Buuuuutttt Spirit came to me, through too many people, places and things, screaming that I better WERK IT OUT!! So, I obliged, being my obedient self. And God has fulfilled all of His promises and MORE!! Ugh!! I wanna tell you everything I have planned for today and this coming weekend, but there’s no time right now. As, I gotta go live it, first.

God willing, I got you all on Monday, with an awesomesauce of a #MotivationalMonday post, honoring the blessed festivities of my born day ;-)! What I can say now, is that I am so grateful to be alive right now. I didn’t see what life looked like without my butterbean in the physical, but as the Jimmy Cliff song goes, “I can see clearly, now the rain is gone. It’s gonna be a bright, bright sun shining day!!”

She (Bayyina, that is) is doing her momma so right, I’m just blessed to be able to live on for such a divine, one of a kind, out of this world, type of spirit, as she is. Iight, that’s all for now folks! I’m about to go hold it down for the Leo’s, the Queens, the Beloveds, the Survivors and Thrivers! Ju herrrddd meh?!!

Stay blessed, beautiful and bountiful, EverythingShaquana family. Own your today, as tomorrow is never promised. And please, don’t be shy. Share the love folks, and drop ya guru a line or two, for HER BIRTHDAY!! AEOW AEOW!! Haha! I’mma fool, but ya already knew that doe! I’ll holla!! In the mean time, stay true to you!! A’se!

Keep Calm Its My Bday