I still don’t quite have the words to express my current growth from the illusionary broken girl, that I am continually evolving from, to the woman and mother, I am rapidly becoming. Everything is just happening sooooo fast.

So, I’m literally just doing my best to live in each moment. To soak up each second, of each minute, of each day. To BREATHE it all in! So that, when it’s all said and done, and I have officially arrived to the next stone of my path, I can still feel, taste, smell, visualize and hear, what words could never digest. 

At the same time, I need to write! I need to translate this moment, if only to unleash the corners of my heart and mind, that my five senses can’t detect nor capture. It’s quite difficult to explain the conundrum of the current existence within my heart, my mind, my soul and my personhood.

I can only just BE, in any given moment. All the while, praying for my ability to share the most beautiful depths of that being, in every moment I am blessed to be alive. 

One thing that helps me live, while being (if that makes sense), is my consistent and often, random social media rants/ testimonies, so to speak. They keep me feeling alive and well, in the moment. Moreover, during my hiatus from EverythingShaquana over the last year, these posts kept my writing alive, whilst feverishly feeding my spirit, mind and healing journey. 

So, as I mentioned a while back, you can expect to see my posting of tons of mostly unedited, statuses and captions from my social media pages. Particularly those that highlight best, where I was in those moments when I couldn’t be here, on EverythingShaquana

In light of it being Women Crush Wednesday here at EverythingShaquana, I wanted to share a more recent Instagram post I wrote, dealing my trials and triumphs with breastfeeding.

It’s only a snap shot of my breastfeeding journey, as I said, I’m not yet ready or prepared to divulge or even fully comprehend on my own, all that is taking place in my life right now. The good AND the bad. In any regard, it sheds much-needed light on my current and very rapid evolution, from a Wounded Woman, into a Majestic Mother! 

May it teach you most, in the depths of your depth. A’se!

#BreastFeedingWhileBlack If I even tried to tell you just half of the evil, Satan has tried to put on my breastfeeding experience, you wouldn’t believe it! From the day of my mamas’ birth, Satan has done anything and everything to put doubt in my mind about my abilities as a mother, as a parent and as the provider of nourishment for my child. 

Since then, everyone and their momma, who knows NOTHING about breastfeeding, has felt the need to give me EVERY reason why I should stop. In the beginning, it really used to get to us. Messing with my confidence and patience, during the early struggles of the breastfeeding process. And messing with Kamaria’s ability to keep her latch, without being distracted by the negative energies around her. It was rough!!! 

But, at some point, I got grounded with my Truth. That I had made up my mind about breastfeeding, and NO ONE was going to stop us or that away from me, or my beautiful mini me! Don’t even get started about the stares I get, while feeding her in public.

Especially from White people, many of which are mothers who clearly breastfeed themselves. As if, breastfeeding is only normal, accepted and expected from non- Black women. Again, it took me some time to soak ALL of this in, and so much more, without internalizing it all. 

So, today, whilst still traveling on the early legs of appreciation for our breastfeeding bond, I’d like to share this collage of my most sacred breastfeeding moments. Highlighting, all the beautiful things I feel when Kammy latches onto my nipple. The joy, the content, the peace, the confidence, the security, the strength, the power and the profound and true, sheer LOVE! 

My motivation to post these, comes from my most confident public breastfeeding moment yet; which occurred yesterday. In the largest picture, you see me breastfeeding Kammy, while waiting on-line at a clothing store, with NO cover, WHILE she’s still upright in her carrier, with NO SHAME!

I wish I could explain in this post, WHY each of those small, but mighty factors are soooo representative of our unparalleled growth in these last 10 weeks. But, it’s too much. For IG, at least. 

Soon come, I’ll divulge ALL of my breastfeeding experience and tips, as well as ALL of the other joy, Love, pain, disappointment, struggle and overcoming, we’ve both faced since the blessed 7/15/16, via my blog (link in bio). For now, I’ll just relish in the Truth that a picture speaks a thousand words. A’se! 

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