Being a new mom is HARD! Being a single new mom, is even harder! Finding a way to stay awake, still smile a real smile, and give your all to your child is a feat, in and of itself! 

When you add in the basics of adulting, like cooking, cleaning, running errands, maintaining a living, maintaining a social life (HA! A social life, smocial life), staying organized etc… life can become bleak.

God forbid, you try to remember how to be human, by eating, sleeping, bathing and perhaps even laughing every now and again! It literally becomes taxing to be alive! Let alone, to consider trying to still live!

Which is why, I struggle heavily with the very real goal, of doing all of that, but healthier! It’s sooooo hard to be healthy. To live healthy. To breathe healthy. To incorporate and substantiate the foundations of a healthy life, is something like a dream for a new mom like me.

Because in short, growing in an unhealthy society, makes living a healthy lifestyles, an innate learning curves. In such that, you must learn it! And when basic life necessities are socialized to become optional “learned behaviors,” shit gets real, to say the least.

It doesn’t go without saying that, the lifestyle you had/ managed to maintain pre-pregnancy, let alone during your pregnancy, plays a paramount role in your postpartum routine. There are levels to this health thing. Many, many levels. 

Truthfully, whether you’re pregnant, have children, am a woman, or just a person looking to live a little longer, while feeling a lot better, there are levels to the reality of what healthy is and what health does. It’s more than just a statement from the government or an endorsement from a celebrity. It’s your LIFE!

In any regard, I’m just getting to the point of processing this all. As, I couldn’t think straight, sideways or backwards even, for the first 6-8 weeks postpartum. So, as with everything else on this here blog, you’ll journey with me as I figure out this health thing from where and who I am now.

For now, I’m going to highlight an Instagram post, that I made a couple of weeks back. I’ll just let it speak for itself. A’se! 

**Inspirational Smoothie Highlight**

Here is my jar of daily affirmation, in the form of a very rich fruit smoothie. As, my latest affirmation is that I will eat, live and Love more and more, every single day. I must confess that I have been sooooo nutritionally unhealthy, since giving birth.

I literally just eat what I can, when I can. Because I don’t eat red meat for the most part (non- kosher red meat, to be exact) and abstain from most processed foods, not eating the RIGHT foods, impacts my ability to get my daily necessary nutrients, EVEN more.

They often and incessantly (everyone from doctors to counselors to neighbors) tell you the significance of eating right and maintaining good nutrition AFTER having your baby. Especially if you breastfeed. What they don’t tell you is HOW!

How to maintain good nutrition, while trying to cope with sleep deprivation, physical healing, emotional chaos and mental/ spiritual adjustment?? Let alone, accounting for what your nutrition habits were PRE- pregnancy/ birth.

To say the least, I’m 10 weeks in, and I still don’t have even half an answer to that. So, I manage by coming up with and doing my best to follow through with daily affirmations. I literally just take it one day at time.

So, today I affirmed that I would make a way for me to ensure I got SOME level of my needed daily nutrients, no matter what.

Hence, my Daily Affirmation Smoothie! It has fresh bananas, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, peaches, frozen mangoes, orange juice, 1% cow’s milk and plain yogurt. This is just a small start to a HUGE goal… But hey! It’s a start!

What tips or advice do other new/ formerly new moms have for maintaining good, or at least half decent nutrition, in those first weeks/ months after giving birth??

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