My fear of silence lies in the damage silence has done to me

It has stolen my voice

Swallowed my love

Kidnapped my desires

And appropriated my verbal fight

Silence has killed my dreams

It has destroyed my belief in tomorrows


Creeping around corners of emotions 

Sliding in and out of homemade corridors of deceit and lies

Diving on top of confidence and encouragement

Has murdered my love of me

My love of you


In its most powerful and overwhelming form

Built on surrender

Strengthened in self sacrifice 

Stabilized in dismissal 


Founded on giving and not receiving

Based heavily in what could be and not what is

Solidified by the nothingness of everything you can’t feel and don’t know how to believe


Has single handedly traumatized my esophagus

Immobilized my trachea 

Reconstructed my throat

Sliced and divided my tongue

Altered and distorted my sound


Powerful enough to collapse expandable lungs


Overwhelmingly capable of choking away breath 


Dangerously compelled to suck the human existence out of life

My fear of silence is no longer a fear

It is an understanding 

I understand what silence can do

I understand how silence works

I understand

And so I speak

I write

I think and I feel

Loud and clear

Guided by instinct not compulsion

Filled with righteousness not hate

Silence has had its way with me in the past

It is my turn to speak up

And yours too!