I could say SOOO much about this! But it’s not worth it! So, outside of a Google+ comment I just received and the corresponding Facebook rant that inspired me to post this, I’ll just say this:

White people, and really, anyone who is prejudiced against Black folk/ unapologetically attached to protecting their physical privileges (albeit, race, gender, class etc), can KISS MY ASS!

It’s about to go down, in the coming year! And all those who benefited from physical privilege, at the cost of other people’s humanity, are going to pay! And then some!

Suddenly, you all will find yourselves pleading for the humanity you so ruthlessly destroyed, to be reinstated for your benefit. But it’ll be too late! As, it already is too late!

With that being said, don’t bother calling on the righteous and the Godly. Because we’re not here for you! So, you will kindly be ignored as we make our exodus toward freedom and peace.

You will reap every bit of what you’ve sown in 2017! So, I pray you sowed good seeds. Because if you didn’t, you’re finna be assed out! Starting first and foremost, with White evil and every single thing that thrives under it!

Below you can find a screenshot of the fuckery of a comment, someone left me on Google+. As well as, the Facebook post I wrote, in response to it. God speed to Whiteness and all its evil! The tide has indefinitely shifted, finally, the chickens are coming home to roost! A’se!

Facebook Post:

BRUH! You know how many times White people have openly and unapologetically asserted their Whiteness over my humanity, in my lifetime?? 

But now that racism is a hot topic and it’s clear as day, that Black and Brown people are calling it out, all these same racist ass White peoples are begging for US to remember that “we’re ALL human!”

If y’all don’t get tf outta here with all that bullshit! I would say, I’m finna hurt y’all feelings, if you keep trying me… But y’all not even worth it! Just like ALL those years I got ignored, while pleading to the human in you, Imma ignore the shit outta you! 

Fuck humans and adios to humanity (cuz that shit is CLEARLY dead)! I only fuck with Spirit! So, if you don’t live in the Spirit AND you’re White, you’re as invisible to me, as humanity has ALWAYS been to y’all! A’se!