Went to war as just a child,

Still severely under-grown

Fought silently, yet viciously

Before I was even known

Knew how to rip a heart out a chest

Without ever being shown

Got blood on my hands 

Thinking that was the only way

Devoured strangers’ bliss

To satisfy my decay

Destroyed defenseless smiles

Tryna cover my own dismay

I became the heartless monster 

That orchestrated my demise

Found refuge in revenge

Destroyed hope, was my prize

Ravaged by a war torn soul

Already dead, buried by lies

Now the war has long ended

But I still stay behind

The aftermath passed through

But my heart, I can’t find

In midst of Love and war

I must’ve lost my mind

Rescue is on the way now

After a war far too long

Recovery is in order

Though many lives far too gone

Redemption is upon us now

For what’s left of the strong

Will my soul find peace?

Can my past be redeemed?

Can my healing be rescued?

Can MY freedom find stream?

I survived the worst yet

Can what’s left of me, still reign supreme?