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authenticitee speaks


Written by Ericka Arthur & Shaquana Gardner

So here it is…

The Little Girl In Me

Bright eyes and night cries

Sang the song of my

Childhood lullabies

Mirrors of beauty and pain

Reflecting the puzzled image

Of my young heart’s stain

Did they see it in my smile??

Feel it through my style??

Did they know the Truth??

The hurt buried inside of

The little girl who sadly,

Lost her youth

Shaquana Gardner @everythingshaquana

Your voice

An alarm,

A clarion call.

All take heed.

For I’ve witnessed her growth

No longer resembling

abandoned seed.

Cut down

Cut off,

Cut short and denied.

She’s fighting for self, past,

present and future

in the midst of those

who laughed as she cried.

Ericka Arthur @authenticiteespeaks

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