“And given the extent which black people are criminalized and stigmatized, I hope this is a sign of a tipping point. The “cold war” of race has finally become a hot war. I’m confident we will win the war for two reasons.

One: We millennials are too arrogant and too disillusioned with the status quo. We don’t share a lot of the prejudices of our parents. And that’s largely due to the second reason: social media makes [it] nearly impossible for the media oligarchs to shape the conversation. They sure trying though, lol. This is the defining moment of our generation.

I just hope we realize the cop problem, while very real, only serves to build momentum for the movement. Cops are just the physical manifestation of sadistic and racist policy. Our primary goal should be trying to develop a coherent and effective agenda.

There’s a long list, such as criminal justice reform, increasing entrepreneurial opportunity, but first we have to make a concerted effort to convince people, both black and white, that there’s a problem in the first place and that its systemic.”

– Kevin Knox, Dec. ‘14