I’m going through the people connected to me with fine tooth comb. If we don’t have a connection I deem worthy of maintaining or acknowledging, you’re out. Energy is POWERFUL! If you don’t keep watch of what energies are around you and how they interact with your life, you’ll find yourself fighting 2 years of battles against “invisible” enemies, like I did!

Some folks, situations and events in my life, may have remained hidden in the darkness for some time now. That’s on me, for not exposing things sooner. Foolishly thinking, that the devil would eventually learn he doesn’t own me, and move along. I’ve since learned, the devil will be at your door for as long and as hard, as you allow him to be! 

Thus, I’m bringing errthing to light before 2016! Because God is my Almighty witness, there will be not one devil, not one wicked, not one compromised being anywhere near my force field at the dawn of 2017! I promise you that!! #LessonLearned #GoodVibesOnly #TranquiloMovement #Word