****Written on December 20th, 2015**** Below is a reminder for myself, of the Warrior spirit that brought me into 2016.

As I now begin to prepare for 2017 with the same fire, passion and excitement, I wanted to take some time out to reflect. To remember. To acknowledge and accept. Where I was a year ago, at this time. Because, for better or worse, JUST like that, it can ALL change! Like “they” say, you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. And as “they” also say, if you don’t remember the past, you’re doomed to repeat it.

So, as you share in my memories of the seeds I planted last year, for the harvest I have reaped this year, consider what seeds you sowed last year. What harvest has those seeds bought you? Is it what you wanted? Most importantly, what seeds are you planting right now for next year’s harvest, upon God’s will? This is the season for the harvester, planter and farmer. Invest in your crop today, to eat tomorrow. A’se! 

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

I just went from battle zone to basking zone, like THAT! I have a few more things I’d love to get done, by God’s will, before year end. Buuutt, my workaholic self is finally running toward 2016, and not away from it. I put in my work! I’m ready to reap the blessings of the seeds I sowed. I’m no longer tryna do God’s job for Him. The rest is in His hands. 

As for me, I have less than 2 weeks to become acquainted with peace, chill and tranquilo. It’s not easy for a warrior woman to set aside her sword, if only temporarily. If you got tips, PLEASE share! I think I forgot how to chill, lol. Two years of an invisible war will do that to ya, I suppose. Buuuttt, we past that! So, tips on chilling folks? Cuz I need an overdose of chill pills these days. Word! 

Oh yea, did I tell you how excited I am for 2016?!!!! It’s coming. It’s happening. We lit! God triumphs and so do His faithful servants! I’ve literally never been this excited for the New Year! Screw Christmas, wake me when it’s 12am, 1/1/2016! The year of the NEW! #ImReady #WeOuuuttttt