Happy Kwanzaa ❤️❤️!! Today’s principle is “Ujamaa.” Which stands for, ‘cooperative economics.’ 

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m doing my best to actually and consciously, LIVE out the principles. In such that, standing around a table with half dead- half woke folks, reciting phrases, ideals and “goals,” that don’t reflect the reality of folk’s current physical or spiritual Truth, is beyond pointless. 

I don’t know about the rest of the world, or this God forsaken country, but I know too all well, that time is not on our side and thus, is of the essence. With that being said, I LOVE this principle because of its power and yet, very simple and shallow- like depth. 

Simply put, there should be a way for us as a community (whoever you personally interpret “us” to be), to make a living and operate within/ throughout an economic system that cooperates with the existence of other humans. In such that, how I make my living (how I feed, clothe and shelter myself), should never impede on and/ or interfere with how anyone else feeds, clothes or shelters themselves. 

First and foremost, because it doesn’t need to! And most especially, because anything but “cooperative” living, is unnatural. But also, because community. Because unity. Because humanity. Because the laws of nature. Because the way of the world. Because US! Because duh! 

Happy Holidays! And may we all find a way to eat, shit and sleep without knocking anyone else’s hustle ;-)! A’se!