Ooooouuuuu chile! Didn’t I have the longest, hardest cry I’ve had in a looooonnnggg while, last night?? I needed to release the pain, sorrow and robust disappointment that I experienced this year. 

Had to cry out all my losses and goodbyes. Most especially because of how I lost them and why/ the way I had to say goodbye! My goodness! Did 2016 whoop my ass or WHAT 😳😳?! 

Granted, I’ve chosen to be the best steward over my blessings, and keep my eyes on the prize. So. many (in fact, the overwhelming majority) can/ choose to only see what I’ve gained this year. As, there is nothing greater than the blessing of a brand new life! 

Nonetheless, if you know me, then you know that, what I lost could never be compared to any new gain! The blessing of my Beautiful Brown Baby Doll doesn’t become a trade-out, for me having to say goodbye all the people I thought would be there till the end! It just doesn’t work that way. 

I can say this, after heavy reflection over my life, my family and my sacrifices, it all has me looking the cost of Whiteness on the Black community and the Black family! In particular, the cost of Whiteness on my Black community, and my Black family. And My God! My GOD! MY GOD 😳😳😳😳!!! 

Talk about all my Black mommas fighting dumb ass ACS workers, with Whitewashed standards of parenting, that not even their parents fucking believed in or obliged to!

The fact that White people have the nerve to ask or even demand, for a “soft tone” from Black folks when addressing the very real impact of Whiteness right FUCKING NOW, is nuts! Fuck talking bout slavery! 

Talk about all my homies and fam on lock (i.e. in jail or prison) or about to do a bid (i.e. do time in prison)! Talk about all my Black mommas fighting dumb ass ACS workers, with Whitewashed standards of parenting, that not even their parents fucking believed in or obliged to! 

Talk about HRA cutting poor Black and Brown families benefits right before Christmas for NO fucking reason! But still, sending you to appointment after appointment, so you have no time/ energy/ direction to truly find a job! Let alone, build a career! 

Talk about the NYPD (a.k.a the KKK) banging on NYCHA- New York City Housing Authority resident’s doors for NO fucking reason (cuz they work TOGETHER 👀); citing false reason to barge into your house, steal your peace and joy, and kidnap your fucking Loved ones until they’re otherwise proven “innocent.” Innocent of WHAT is the real question! 

Talk about the HHC (NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation) and Medicaid, working together to kill Black and Brown babies, through their stringent guidelines and stressed based bullshit form of “prenatal care.” Talk about the state of Black and Brown people, particularly, poor Black and Brown people, TODAY!

Must I fucking continue?? 

Courtesy: Flickr @Tony Webster
Courtesy: Flickr @Tony Webster

If you want to know why Whiteness and any/ every single person projecting it, is the devil and as dangerous to your life, as a fire is to a forest, then don’t look at slavery. Look at the forgotten poor Black and Brown families of TODAY

Fuck every Black person (especially y’all bullshit ass elite, “I went to college, so I’m better than everyone who didn’t” motherfuckers) who propels Whiteness! Word to (NY lingo)! 

Cuz your mammy, pappy, anty, nana and nem, been getting whooped for YEARS, for you to get that BUM ASS degree! Only, for y’all to turn around stunt on them, for not having the same! Or for not reinforcing the traditions of Whiteness, your silly behind learned while at school! 

Deadass (NY lingo, lol)! Y’all are the greatest fucking threat to my and child’s safety 👌🏾👌🏾💯💯!! And that’s a fact! 

I ain’t mean to go here with this post, but fuck it! I had to get that off my chest, as well, I guess. 

Leave all the shit 2016 tried to tie to your soul, in 2016!

When I look back on 2016, with the clarity I have now, I see that every affront on my peace, safety and life,was a direct attempt to protect Whiteness and every single thing it upholds.

My child’s life was attacked from all angles so that White people, “economically advantaged” people and most especially, men/ the male species, could maintain their fragile ass privileges! It makes me sick to my fucking stomach!

But God has a plan! To humble man, and all whom continually reinforce the foolish idea that man actually controls God’s world! 2017 won’t be some golden year of perfection or anything. Because we’re knee-deep in warfare, in case you didn’t notice. But it will be a moment of redemption for all of God’s righteous! We shall be rewarded! 

And for that, I say, bring it on 2017! I’m ready to see my God bring the foolish men who protect the ideals of Whiteness to their knees! God said He would place my enemies before me at table… So, I await the day I can devour their souls and feast off of their mortal impotence! Me, and sooo many others! Yes, my dear! The army had finally risen up! A’se! 

Anyway, I truthfully started this rant to say, if you haven’t had a good long cry for this year’s end, you should get it out! Leave all the shit 2016 tried to tie to your soul, in 2016! Cry it out and let it GOOO!! 

And then, walk into 2017 with your armor and sword ready, to slay every single devil! Amen!