Anger is conceived in the crippled corners of

Deceived innocence and damaged elders

A fertilized egg of destined demolition

Implanted on the uterine lining of hate,

Cushioned with the nutrients of

Systematic self-hatred and

Institutionalized mental instability

Forming within a gestational sac of societal ills

Masked as criminalized and

Unsanctified individual flaws

A soon growing fetus of internalized dysfunction

And self-destruction

Fostering in a thin but tough amniotic sac

Of perpetual oxymoron and unrighteous facades

Developed in fluids of mistrust, selfishness and greed

Nourished with daily doses of subjugation,

Mental pollution and universal brainwashing

And nurtured by the increased intake

Of flavored classism, racism, sexism, ageism

And downright peopleism

Fetal anger flourishes in the womb of

Inevitable implosion

Carried by the mother of

Capitalism and industrial complexes

A woman powerful enough to divide and

Conquer the realities of fact and fiction

Able enough to slaughter the generational lineage

Of the Pan-African, Asian and Indigenous peoples

Vicious enough to demoralize, dehumanize and villainy

The farmers who planted the

First seeds of peace, love and joy

Wicked enough to colonize and imperialize

The ancestors of truth, justice and righteousness

A vessel impregnated by the sperm of evil and spite

Now cultivating the life of

Robust, explosive, uncontrollable anger

Anger is born from the lifeless bodies of

Young Black boys like Emmit, Bobby,

Fred, Ramarley, Keba, Mike and Tamir

And Black girls like Addie Mae, Denise,

Carol, Cynthia, Aiyana, Renisha and Tanesha

Formulated through the euthanized existence of

Sons and fathers like

Chief Big Foot, Sacco, Earl, Che,

Albizu, Tupac, Christopher, Abodou and Eric

And the beaten and mangled bodies of

Daughters and mothers like

Sojourner, Melba, Henrietta, Assata,

Afeni, Safiya, Michelle and Sandra

Etched into the hungry faces of

Jobless veterans and homeless children

And the tired faces of unemployed college grads

And underemployed hard-working dads

Hydrated by the polluted waterways of international cities

And the poisoned drinking water of national towns

It grows quickly and steadily

In the fractured humanity that dictates

Jim Crow, Stop & Frisk, Stand Your Ground,

The 3 Condom and Alien ID laws

Getting taller and healthier

Through the prison pipeline vitamins of

Lolita, Hugo, Rochelle, Mumia, the New York 3,

The MOVE Nine, Lynne, Murks, Malik and Malik

And minerals of corrupt health care, education,

Housing and infrastructure agencies

That fosters the rise of preventable deaths, broken schools,

Substandard housing and cracked bridges and sidewalks

Pampered and spoiled by parents of

Disillusioned wealth and intangible capital

Through the gifts of moraless banks

And soul- robbing social promotion

Anger grows into an unusual, unforeseen force of nature

Grounded and fundamentalized in communities of inhumanity

Throughout the streets of My Lai,  Bhopal, Balad, Sierra Leone, Haiti

Brazil, Jamaica, Ferguson, New Orleans,  Brooklyn & Oakland

It knows no peace and can bleed only chaos

Anger is a matured progression of the youth of blind rage

An agent of mass turmoil or everlasting change

Having battled the beast of anger,

Wrestling for the promise of something more sustainable

I have found the truth in the elegance of peace

And the strength of revolutionized struggle

To be fruitlessly angry, is to struggle for freedom

To be decisively fed up, is to fight for freedom

And to be legitimately galvanized, is to attain freedom

There is no hero in a rebel without a cause

But a savior, in a soldier for hope, life and deliverance

May the damaged and misguided child of Anger

Give birth to the championed resilient soul of Justice

**Originally Published: December 22, 2014