I am now, finally sure that I will never find the words, no matter how much I talk, how much I write and how much I read, to express the Love of God that lives in me. If you could only know how much He Loves me, you’d cry like I am right now. 

God is my first and most foremost, best friend! Because He lives in me! And I in Him. He Loved me, when this world hated me. He held me up, when this world tried to break me down. He gave me life, when I tried to take my own. He kept me here, through more than I may ever be able to testify. As I watch His Love unfold for me, BEFORE the New Year hits, I just cry. Because He Loves me!! 

Oh if only I could express what’s in my heart, you might comprehend just a piece of it. What He’s done for me. How’s He’s prepared my footsteps every bit of the way. How He’s honored every bit of who He created me to be, long before I knew how. 

Y’all just don’t know! Y’all don’t know what I’ve been through. What I’ve seen. What I’ve survived. How only He could be the only reason that I am still standing, writing, breathing today. 

You see me smile. You see me frown. But you always see me strong. Never weak. Never “apparently” lost. Never down and out. So, you don’t know my struggle. Unless you look through my eyes, into my soul. Until you listen a little deeper to the rasp in my voice. 

I am a miracle if you’ve ever seen one. I am a testament of the evidence of God’s Love. And that’s the only truth, I may ever truly be able to translate. And so I shall. A’se! #ThatIsAll