I didn’t smile nearly enough, in 2016. And I definitely didn’t laugh anywhere near enough! So, my greatest goal for today, tomorrow, this year and each moment I am blessed to still have breath in my lungs, is to smile and laugh all the time

I used to laugh at everything! Yea, I was of those people lol. Folks would get salty and defensive about it all the time… “Like what you laughing at?? I’m not that funny!” Which would only make me laugh harder, lol 😂😂😂😂!

Anywho, at some point, I started taking all of this, way too serious! Idk exactly when or even, why. But I know, I willingly wasted too many laughs, giggles and Koolaid smiles, for no good reason, for too long!

Kamaria looks at me like I’m a foreign intruder, whenever I laugh too HARD!! Like, “umm, where’s my mother?? And who’s this stranger with her mouth opened wide, teeth clacking and energy on a thousand impersonating her??”

 So yea, starting yesterday, I laugh till I can’t laugh anymore. Smile till my cheeks hurt. Giggle till my abs burn.
I got too much joy buried in my hidden treasure box, dying to be shown! 

It’s time for me to SHINE ✨✨ boldly, brightly and brilliantly!! Time for me unleash my Light, for once and all! 

And as I smile and shine bigger and brighter, Princess K shall smile and shine even bigger and even brighter!! A’se! 

Courtesy: IG @everythingshaquana