#MyVeryFirst #Instafood Pic! A very overstuffed veggie burrito ūüôā #Yum

Overstuffed Veggie Burrito

Similar to my experience with my black bean burger, I was hungry, in need of food and had barely anything to choose from in the fridge or cabinets. I was thus, inspired to make a veggie burrito, as a means to make due with the little food in the house and huge hunger pains in my belly. 

One of my major inspirations to begin documenting my eating habits, as apart of my own goal to create a healthier environment inside and outside of my body, was my life as a “poor person”. I live in the projects, am by all intensive purposes, unemployed (as, my current, growing writing¬†career still¬†doesn’t pay) and receive a whopping $63 in food stamps a month. My mom, who I stay with right now, is basically in the same situation.¬†

In such, my greatest struggle with remaining healthy and wholesome, for years now, has been due to limited funds and access. Even if I can afford “organic” groceries and outside meals (many of which, aren’t even truly “healthy”), there are few businesses and supermarkets where I can shop, that are near the projects.¬†

As I fortify my commitment to being the woman and individual, I know I am destined to be, I am challenging myself not to make excuses and use my creative mind to create a way, where there is a will. I will to eat and consume, healthy and wholesome things, like food. As such, I must make a way, even if I am broke, poor and have little access to what it is, that I seek. I must create access. 

My veggie burrito and black bean burger stories, exemplify me creating access. Though, the black beans on my burrito were canned, instead of dried, they were still far more nutritious than a piece of fried chicken would have been (though, I love me some fried chicken). So, I’m not all the way there, by far. But I’m making a way. And I’m getting there.

That’s what counts when it’s all said and done. In any regard, I pray my stories can and will inspire you all to challenge your mind, body and soul to be healthier and wholesome, despite. Despite, despite, despite, I encourage you to be a better you, always!

Veggie Burrito Recipe 

My veggie burrito was made with seasoned yellow rice and black beans, lettuce, tomato, yellow onion, shredded cheddar cheese, homemade salsa, sour cream and wrapped it in a flour tortilla. For so few food options to choose from, I think I fared pretty well!

Of course, you are encouraged to experiment with the ingredients in your fridge and cabinets/ pantry, and see what you come up with. There is the other suggested option, to experiment with recipes, in which I suggest this delicious, quick and easy, vegetarian burrito recipes.

Don’t forget, the key to eating healthy and wholesome, and enjoying it, is to make the meal your own. If you find a recipe that sounds good, minus a couple of things you don’t eat, or aren’t ready to try out, minus those things.

You have the power to subtract and add-on, whatever is necessary to your lifestyle and choices, to produce the best life you can live. That power is not exclusive, and includes the food you eat. Make it your own! 

A’se and as always, enjoy!¬†