I say this often! Nowadays, because so many people have access to relatively large platforms for voicing their opinions right in the palm of their hands (i.e. social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.), they have an opinion about everything.

If they have a feeling or moment, and no one to share it with in person, they can share it online. Or better yet, if they do have people to share their feelings and moments with, each of them can share it online together.

You go from being an everyday person with a life that no one is truly concerned with, to being the most talked about in town. All with the click of one thumb. That one night you got all dressed up and ready, but had nowhere to go, doesn’t go to waste anymore.

You can post pictures online, make it seem like you had a ball, and show off that new outfit after all, without ever going anywhere. It’s quite amazing when you think of it that way. And then, there are the downsides.

The most significant, I’d say, is everyone suddenly has an opinion about everything. And because they have the hugest platform ever to voice it, they’re going to. Often unapologetically and without conscious or responsible thought. Thus, we see the rise of the power of opinions. 

In employing the opinion minded standard of thought, one automatically releases their power to maximize their wisdom and compassion. Opinions are fueled by ego, and in such, block your spirits natural sense of intuition. You miss things, ignore things, and totally deny whole truths, as a means to maintaining your own rationale, completely based in your mind’s reality, void of fact.

Consider the impact truth holds in one’s life. Consider the significance of and inherent empowerment invoked by acknowledging, accepting, and honoring truth of self. Truth is far more powerful than opinion, as spirit is far more powerful than ego.

The key is in which power you choose to thrive your survival on. The power of ego, based in opinions, biases, and personal lies. Or the power of spirit, founded in truth, honor, respect and most of all, unconditional love.

Consider this article. People’s opinions are exhausting them and taking a toll on them. Literally. Truth and facts don’t weigh one down. They free you. They revive you. They support you. You make the choice. A’se.

**Originally Published: March 13, 2015