Where does 10 years go so quickly?? And God knows that I swore (in sinful vain) that I would never say it, but can I PUHLEASE go back to being a high school senior again?? 

I promise to sit in the lunch room and talk to the idiots (i.e. teenagers). I promise to pretend to respect my teachers’ intelligence levels (or lack there of). AND I even promise to abstain from verbally sending daily reminders to everyone in ear shot, of JUST how hated they are by me!

Oh Father God! I didn’t understand then. But I do now! Can I get just one more do over?? I’ll be the best steward over my blessings you’ve EVER seen! 


Your Faithful & Ever Disgruntled Servant

P.S. I’m too burnt by the world now, to pretend not to be. So, this prayer is all I got left, Father. A’se!