There’s MUCH debate about single mothers “claiming” Father’s Day this year 😏😒🙄🤐👀👌🏾💯!

As a now single mother, whom honors the role of her child’s father enough to stick to humbly holding down Mother’s Day… I also know, flawed and all, that my daughter’s father is a much better man and father, than my own father was!

So, while I may look alone, I’m not pulling double duty as much as it seems. Unlike my mother, who was pulling double duty my whole life! My mother WAS my mother AND father! Because she had to be!

There’s no true honor in a mother donning Mother’s and Father’s Day! Because it was never about any of that. This isn’t and never was about the parents! It was and always will be about the babies.

I don’t do what I do for my baby girl, to compete with her father or to get him back for “breaking my heart” or whatever 🙄🙄. I do it because I have to! And if I didn’t/ when I don’t, I won’t! And that’s a fact!

The day I find a man who can easily hold down his role of man, so that I can finally humbly return to my throne of wombman, I’m LITT! Until then, imma do what I gotta do. And the same is true for you all.

So, honestly, who gives a whole shit wtf ANYone else thinks about what days you honor and/ or don’t??

Cuz seriously, from one single mother still in the damn field, this ‘One Opinionated Nation Undivided For All’ version of America that I see these days, is totally outta hand. And y’all getting on my mf nerve! Ijs!

Anywho, here’s words of a wiser version of my younger self, speaking to the Truth so many of you know nothing about but feel so obliged to discuss. Nonetheless, A’se!

©EverythingShaquana, 2017

I wasn’t gonna do this, buuuuutttt you know me I just had to ;-)… 

This is for my momma who helped raised six children, who found the strength to be a mother and a FATHER even though she never had either growing up, who had the ability to give and show us a love she never received and who wholeheartedly invented the definition of unconditional love. 

For my momma, that never gave up, never gave in, and never stopped fighting, even when everything told her to. 

For my momma that couldn’t really give me book knowledge, who couldn’t use her last name or connects to get me into school or a good job, and who wasn’t able to use money to wipe away my tears or heal broken bones and old wounds. 

For my momma, that gave me and my siblings all she ever could, love. When our fathers turned their backs, when she had no money left, very little food to feed us, and literally an inch of survival and will in her, she gave us love. 

Every single second, minute, and hour of the day. For my momma, that showed me how much more life is worth living when you just have love in it. 

For my momma, that was my momma, daddy, teacher, coach, and cheerleader, THANK YOU and Happy Father’s Day! I love you!

**Facebook Post: June 2012**