When the world tries its HARDEST to bring me low, I like to share with the world, the things that bring me joy. It soothes my mind. Heals my soul. Humbles my heart. Relaxes my body. And reminds me of my blessings.

It’s my own Note to the Universe, that I’m okay. And that I will continue to be okay. And secretly, if you pay attention, you’ll notice that YOU can do the same thing.

I realized too long ago, that I’m soooooo tired of fighting! But where does that leave a tired soul like mine, in a war filled world that never ceases raging??

Because every single piece of the world that I meet on my way to Peace, keeps warring with me. And now trying to war with my babies (in the Heavens and on Earth).

I’m not fighting anymore. But I’m damn sure not giving up either! So, again, where does that leave a tired soul like mine??

At the foot of God! That’s where! He IS and always will be my keeper! So, surely He shall guide my path and follow me ALL the days of my life! Because, indeed, I will dwell in the house of the Lord ALL of my days!

For right now, until God moves me where He wants me to go, I will continue to be STILL and KNOW! And as I do, I will count my blessings! I will remain humble in my gratitude! And I WILL rise again! A’se!

Here’s a splash of sunshine, to brighten up your already bright Monday!! Happy #MotivationalMonday LOVES!!

Courtesy: IG @everythingshaquana