After watching last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I must get this off my heart. The loss of one’s child, is a loss like no other. To automatically assume a future of more laughs, hugs and kisses with your child. To assume more love, joy and excitement shared with your child. To assume more. Is a tragic mistake.

Though, it is a worldly conception that one’s parent should leave the world before their child, it is only that. A conception. Not truth. Truth is that, there is no rhyme or rhythm, in a worldly sense, to how it is determined when or why children must enter or leave this world. It just is.
If you choose to spend your days, weeks and months falsely dictating how, what or in which way your child will live their life, under the assumption they will have a life to live…
Rather than, effortlessly and tenaciously, working to be the best version of yourself, so as to love into them the joy, excitement, hugs, kisses and laughs, you assume you have more time to give… You’ve already failed as a parent.

Let go of this physical connection to your children and fall in love with their spirit, no matter what form it takes in the physical. I loved my unborn more profoundly than most parents learn to love their grown children.
In such, most parents lose their children long before they leave this earth. Be radical. Start a revolution. Just by loving the God, the Truth, the Spirit into your children. Despite. #ThatIsAll #ShaqFactz #EverythingShaquana #Revelizations

**Author’s Note** An unedited ‘Facebook Status Rant’ written on 9.25.15 aka ‘Post Bayyina’!