After yesterday’s Jets game, I feel inspired and hopeful. As a Jets fan for a short, though embattled time, I’ve never seen or felt the sense of sportsmanship and perseverence seen on yesterday’s field. Rex Ryan’s entire tenure as coach, centered on win big or lose it all.

There was never a time when I felt we were capable as a team, to be a comeback team. It’s like as soon as things started to not go our way, and the score started to go further and further from that W, we’d give up. You could feel it in the air, from the coach, to the teammates, to the fans. Whether you were at the game or watching on TV. It was like the spread of negativity cancer. 

Yesterday, we were down by 24 points before the end of the half and still maintained enough poise and focus to ensure putting points on the board, before heading into the locker room. To watch us come back, for the second half and play like we weren’t down by 17 points, was awe inspiring, as a young Jets fan. Like Bowles said, ‘we played hard. We just didn’t always play smart.’
He couldn’t have put it any better when he said, ‘after a win, we don’t want to get too high. And after a loss, we don’t want to get too low.’ I think I speak for most Jets fans when I say, we didn’t lose yesterday. We won resilience, perseverance, trust and commitment back, as a team and a Jets nation!

Yesterday was all I needed, to know that we have the perfect coach, qb, team and fans to make this year a memorable one. The commentators, sports news and whomever else can hate all you want. We’re here to reclaim our pride and glory, and nothing can stop us but ourselves. And why would we do that?!

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**Author’s Note** An unedited ‘Facebook Status Rant’ written on 9.28.15 aka ‘Post Bayyina’!