This what my lil bro just sent me. God is so good because Lord only knows how much I needed these words in my life!

“Sometimes you gotta ride the wave girl and it might not always be a good one but use the rage to keep you focus and you get out of there if anybody knows I know sometimes it gets the best of me and I call you and feel alot better like it never happened.

I dont know how you feel about me inside I only know wat you show me and tell me but sometimes its deeper than that and it’s real. I love you alot quana and it’s like when I’m around you and when I’m not your spirit is real and I love.

I’ve never met a person like you and I dont think I ever will you can’t let nobody break that or break you it’s the GOD in you. You staticky and you can’t be stopped always remember that sis I love you.”

– ‘Staticky Wave Staxs’

**Author’s Note** An unedited ‘Facebook Status’ written on 10.3.13 aka ‘Post Bayyina’!